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We specialise in autoimmunity, mould illness/ CIRS, chronic conditions and unexplained symptoms.

We look for the underlying root cause(s) of your symptoms and condition to improve your health and restore balance.

We do the detective work to help you understand your body and ill health.

Our goal is to empower you to regain control over your health and confidently manage your condition, freeing yourself from being at the mercy of your disease.

What we can help you with

In Hashimoto's disease, the body's immune system mistakenly attacks the thyroid gland, leading to inflammation and damage. 
This results in a gradual destruction of the thyroid tissue, causing a decrease in thyroid hormone production, or hypothyroidism

Conditions & Symptoms We Support:

Working with individuals with autoimmune disease and chronic disease means that we work with people suffering from a variety of symptoms and ailments outside of their diagnosis. 

To find out more about how a functional approach can help you and if you would like to discuss your unique circumstances, please email and we will be happy to assist.

PLEASE NOTE: We are sorry that we are not able to assist you if you have a current cancer diagnosis and receiving treatment, if you have a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease or if you are suffering from disordered eating. 

To learn more about the process and what to expect, please click here >

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Food / Chemical Sensitivities

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Histamine Intolerance

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Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Chronic Pain Syndrome

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Post Viral Fatigue

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Urticaria / Hives

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Mood Disorders, such as Anxiety, Depression

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Insulin Resistance

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Long Covid

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Osteoporosis/ Osteopenia

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With our help, you can change the trajectory of your health.

Please email or book a discovery call to discuss which package is best suited to your needs, if you have any questions, or would like to find out how we can help.


Registered Nutritionist mBANT & Functional Medicine Practitioner

Muriel is one of very few UK practitioners who have undergone extensive post-graduate training with the following: 

  • Institute for Functional Medicine

  • Kharrazian Institute - Dr Datis Kharrazian

  • Surviving Mold - Dr Ritchie Shoemaker, the world leader in the diagnosis and management of mould illness (or CIRS). Muriel is a Shoemaker Protocol Certified Proficiency Partner. 

  • Cogence Immunology - Dr Yannuck, the most in-depth training on functional immunology. 

  • SIBO Doctor - Dr Nirala Jacobi. Muriel is a SIBO doctor certified practitioner.


See Muriel's extensive professional bio here >.


Muriel has experienced her own challenging health journey, which has fuelled her passion and expertise in the field of functional medicine.

Having personally experienced the limitations of the conventional healthcare model in supporting individuals with chronic illnesses, Muriel aims to offer a more effective and comprehensive approach to autoimmunity and other chronic conditions.

Through her functional medicine approach, Muriel has successfully helped many people in the UK and worldwide in transforming their health. Her dedication and expertise have played a pivotal role in helping clients with autoimmunity and complex chronic conditions achieve remarkable improvements and live more fulfilling lives.

Functional medicine has completely transformed her health and given her life back, and she hopes she can help you do the same.

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Autoimmune Community London Let's Get Better Together!-5.png


We combine functional medicine & nutritional therapy to get to the root cause of your condition and symptoms.

Are you sick of feeling tired, in pain, helpless, worried about what the future holds?

Are you ready to take control of your health?

Nobody should struggle through life barely able to function, watching their body deteriorate and planning for the worst. That is no way to live.

FACT: Autoimmunity cannot be cured.

However it is absolutely possible to slow its progression, and even put it in remission.


We genuinely care for our clients and are committed to help them feel better. To us, you're not just a statistic; you're an individual we understand and connect with.

We only accept a limited number of clients to ensure we can fully devote our time and energy to each one.

"Many of our clients have been through the conventional care system but still need help understanding their health and how to get better. 



We offer a functional medicine approach to manage autoimmune disease, mould illness, unexplained chronic symptoms and brain health.

We identify and address underlying issues contributing to your symptoms to get you back to better health.

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We offer a 3 and 6 month package via Zoom (video) or telephone so we can work with you wherever you are from the comfort of your home.

We work with people all over the UK, Europe and North America so do not let distance get in the way of better health.


Muriel Wallace-Scott is a registered nutritionist mBANT and functional medicine practitioner. Muriel's own tricky health journey has led her to become an expert in her field.

Get to know her and her team of qualified practitioners and experts at what they do.



Autoimmune diseases have indeed become increasingly prevalent over the last few decades, with approximately 80 to 100 known autoimmune conditions. The incidence and prevalence rates have risen dramatically during the past 50 years, and diseases like multiple sclerosis have seen a doubling or tripling of rates in various countries in Northern Europe.


It is noteworthy that 75 to 80 percent of individuals diagnosed with an autoimmune condition are women. Hormones, especially significant hormonal changes in a woman’s life, play a vital role in autoimmune disease development. It is not uncommon for women to develop an autoimmune disease after pregnancy, during perimenopause, or during menopause.


Considering the high prevalence, it is likely that you know someone, or multiple people, who struggle with an autoimmune condition, as it is estimated that about 10% of the global population is affected. Sadly many individuals may be unaware of their autoimmune condition.


It’s important to highlight that the journey to an accurate diagnosis can be challenging for many people with autoimmune diseases. On average, individuals with these conditions may see six different doctors over the course of several years before receiving the correct diagnosis.


Autoimmune diseases typically develop gradually over time, often taking years or even decades for individuals to progress from mild symptoms to a formal diagnosis. During this period, people may experience chronic symptoms that come and go without a clear explanation, leading to frustration and uncertainty.


It is unfortunate that in the early stages of their disease, around 45% of autoimmune sufferers are sometimes mislabeled as hypochondriacs by their doctors. This highlights the challenges many individuals face in obtaining an accurate diagnosis and appropriate care.


In our clinic, we work with individuals with diagnosed autoimmune diseases, helping them manage symptoms and improve their condition. Additionally, we support those who struggle with ongoing unexplained symptoms and offering answers that they may not have received from their doctors can be valuable.


It’s important to understand that chronic inflammation and/ or undiagnosed autoimmunity may be an underlying cause of chronic symptoms for many individuals.


Seeking proper medical evaluation and working with experienced practitioners like ourselves can help provide clarity and appropriate management strategies.

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