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Blood Sugar Balance 





Starts March 2nd - Ends March 17th 2024


Online, with live Q&A sessions (also recorded)

What if I told you that, with just a few tweaks to your diet and lifestyle,
you would feel:

Why am I running this 2 week blood sugar challenge?   

Although I appreciate the increasing focus on the significance of maintaining balanced blood sugar levels, not just for those with diabetes or insulin resistance, but for everyone, I'm also disheartened by the way this information is often presented. It can sometimes be misleading or driven by hidden motives to promote specific diets or products.

The reality is that nutritionists like myself have been emphasising the importance of stable blood sugar and the avoidance of sharp spikes for quite some time. However, this topic wasn't as popular on social media and TV until recently.

If you were to ask any of my clients, you'd likely hear me repeatedly discussing the importance of blood sugar balance, and I continue to educate them about the reasons behind minimising blood sugar fluctuations.

But why is this emphasis so critical?

When an individual's blood sugar levels fluctuate throughout the day, day after day, various negative effects can emerge. These fluctuations can lead to significant changes in energy levels, cognitive function, increased anxiety, and depression. Maintaining a stable weight can become challenging, particularly for women as they reach their 40s and beyond. Those with chronic inflammation or autoimmune conditions often experience exacerbated symptoms when their blood sugar is erratic. These fluctuations can even trigger autoimmune flares.

Women, in particular, may face more pronounced PMS symptoms and irregular menstrual cycles, which can hinder fertility efforts.

Moreover, maintaining healthy and stable blood sugar levels now can reduce the risk of developing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, conditions that have reached epidemic proportions.

Why a 2 week challenge? 

You can actually achieve a whole lot with the correct information and guidance within just 2 weeks. I have witnessed so many of my clients reporting feeling like their old selves only by addressing their blood sugar within a matter of weeks. Some of these clients had come to me after years if not decades of experiencing severe fatigue, brain fog, unexplained anxiety etc... 

I myself thought it was normal to feel exhausted and unable to function every afternoon. 

When your blood sugar is stable, your days are consistent. Keeping up with all your daily demands no longer feels like a huge ask. Life feels easier and more manageable when one is not riding the blood sugar rollercoaster.

Not convinced? Come and join us for this challenge and see for yourself! 

I look forward to meeting you on the 2nd!



MORE ENERGY, no dips throughout the day, no need to use sugar or caffeine to keep going.

BETTER BRAIN FUNCTION, more productive, more focused. Goodbye brain fog!

STABLE MOOD, less anxious, especially that type of anxiety that hits you out of the blue. No more mood swings. 

IMPROVED IMMUNE FUNCTION, you feel less inflamed. 

HEALTHIER WEIGHT. Your weight is easier to manage.

BETTER SLEEP. No more waking up in the middle of the night feeling wired, unable to get back to sleep. 

What this course is NOT: 

  • An elimination diet or restricted diet

  • Pushing a specific diet on you, no hidden agenda

  • Outdated information. Scientific research evolves, so does my work. 

  • Promoting products and supplements

Included in this course: 

  • 2 x live Q&A sessions (also recorded)

  • Access to a private group chat (optional) for further support, sharing meals and recipes

  • Easy to follow mini modules covering all the basic concepts with written content and pre-recorded videos

  • Food and symptom diary to identify your blood sugar symptoms and monitor changes

  • Meals / snacks ideas and recipes


What is Blood Sugar


Signs and Symptoms


Inflammation and Autoimmunity

Brain and Mood


Fertility and Menopause

Non Dietary Factors

Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats


Plant Based Diet

Secrets Hacks




And a couple of extras

Note: This course covers all the basic concepts so you have a better understanding of blood sugar. Each module is short and includes a pre-recorded video where I break down all the information, as well as including a few clinical pearls from working with clients. 

I have purposely kept the content light and easy to follow so not to over complicate things or overwhelm you with too much science. Don't worry, I do not expect you to sit down and study for hours! I've already done that for you! 

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