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BANT Registered Nutritionist

Nicola is a registered nutritionist mBant and primarily work with our young clients, both with children and teenagers.


Nicola’s interest in nutrition for autoimmunity first came about in 2014, when her 3 year old son was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis.  At the time, Nicola was a busy working mum of two in the aerospace industry, juggling a new born baby and a young boy who was struggling to walk.  Whilst healthy family mealtimes were a priority, she did not yet know how powerful the role of nutrition could be in addressing her son’s disease.  


Scientifically inquisitive, she started looking into factors which may be driving an autoimmune response: she did not accept that this was happening to her son for no reason.  Moreover, she could not stand by as a parent and do nothing to help him with his pain.

Nicola Image 2.jpg

So Nicola started her journey of understanding how the immune system, gut health, environment and nutrition are all connected.  Over the following years, she changed her career and undertook a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the British College of Nutritional Health.  Today, Nicola is a practicing Nutritional Therapist (BANT registered), and her son is in remission and has been off medication for five years.

Nicola is passionate about the science behind nutritional therapy.  To her, the “why” is fundamental.  Her work looks into the underlying drivers of autoimmune conditions, identifying hormonal imbalances, lifestyle influences, nutritional factors and deficiencies that may be influencing the progression of disease.


Perhaps most importantly, she understands your journey as a parent and wants to help you and your children navigate autoimmune conditions that they face.  

Contact the clinic if you would like to discuss in more details how Nicola can help your child, and to book a health program with her.

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