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Functional Medicine Health Coach

Sue is a Functional Medicine Health Coach with a passion for helping people perform more effectively in their business and personal lives.  Seeking to discover the root causes of her client’s issues and not just treat their symptoms, Sue uses Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition, Mind and Body Medicine and Positive Psychology. 

She acts as a non-judgemental ally guiding clients towards realistic and sustainable lifestyle changes with regards to their diet, exercise, sleep, stress, time management and relaxation so that they feel better, think more clearly and have more energy.


Sue works with a broad cross section of men and women across all ages in an individual or group setting. 


Sue spent most of her career in the City as an executive head hunter so understands the demands of family and career.  She is married with 3 young adult children.  Although she has lived here for 36 years, she maintains her Canadian ties and values.

Sue works hand in hand with Muriel to support our clients who need that litle extra help, guidance and encouragements to implement dietary and lifestyle recommendations. She has extensive knowledge and experience with diverse diets and dietary requirement.

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

FMCA_Certified_Health_Coach_Seal_9-20 (2).png

Work with Sue​

Coaching sessions are not included in your program and are scheduled alongside your regular appointments. They are optional but can make a big difference to your outcome especially if you are someone who struggles to stay consistent when making changes and easily fall off track, or if you need additional accountability and contact in between appointments. 

Our health coaching session package costs £350 and includes:


  • 1 hour session

  • 2 x 30 min sessions


These sessions take place over Zoom or telephone.

Email us at for more information and to book.

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